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The musical album "Sequencia" was composed and conducted by Susan Alexjander. Performers featured on the album include William Trimble, Andrew McLester, Karen Andrie and more. The audio CD was released in October of 1994 by the Science & The Arts record label. The nine-track CD is a melodious blend of science and classical music.

The Sequencia Corporation, formerly known as Process and Instrumentation Diagnostics, or PID, develops enterprise resource planning and supply management software for the manufacturing industry. It incorporates key components in an attempt to standardize manufacturing definitions up and down the supply chain. This allows different companies to enjoy ease of communication and exchange of information over the Internet.

Sequencia is also a creature of the Plantae kingdom. It is in the order of the Poales, in the family Bromeliacease and a member of the subfamily Pitcairnioideae. Its binomial name is Sequencia serrata L.B.Sm.